FAQ - PedicSolutions®

Q: What are the benefits of a PedicSolutions memory foam mattress?

PedicSolutions mattress conform to your individual body shape. They help to evenly distribute your weight, reducing pressure points when compared to a traditional mattress. Click for Consumer Information Sheet

Q: Is there really a difference in visco foam quality?

Not all visco memory foam mattresses are created equal. PedicSolutions offers dense, high-quality visco foams which improves support and durability. Many visco memory foam mattresses suffer from inconsistencies in density due to outdated manufacturing processes. PedicSolutions toppers are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities adhering to the strictest industry standards.


Q: Will this mattress last over time?

Yes. We use a higher grade support base foam to help maintain the integrity of the mattress over time, therefore, PedicSolutions can offer a 10 year warranty.


Q: Will memory foam feel firmer if a room’s overall temperature is low?

Yes, memory foam is a temperature-sensitive material and it is designed to adjust to your body’s weight and temperature. It conforms to the unique contours of the body and as a result raises the temperature of the foam. However, if the memory foam is used in a room that’s colder than 60 degrees, it’ll feel a lot firmer. The memory foam will soften during sleep as it’s warmed by body heat.


Q: Can the difference between the various densities of memory foam be felt, and if so, why does PedicSolutions use higher-density memory foam?

Higher densities can be felt. The true value in PedicSolutions high density foam is the increased durability it provides. This ensures that the mattress provides the proper comfort and support over a longer period of time. Lower density foams can break down over a shorter period of time. The main differences are both in price and performance. Lower-density memory foam is still good, but prices will be lower. Higher-density memory foams are designed for better performance and a longer comfort life.


Q: Will I ever need to flip a PedicSolutions mattress?

No, you won't need to flip a PedicSolutions mattress.


Q: What are the dimensions of the mattresses?

Please be sure to measure your hallways and entryways before placing an order. It is also a good idea to check the size of the bed frame you are placing the mattress on to make sure you are ordering the correct size. Click for Mattress Dimensions


Q: What is the difference between a King and a Cal King?

The main difference between the King and Cal King mattresses is the King is a wider mattress and the Cal King is a longer mattress. The King is 76” wide where as the Cal King is 71” wide. The Cal King is longer by about 4” and a great solution for taller people. It is important to measure your bed frame so you get the correct sized mattress.


Q: Will my PedicSolutions mattress fit my current bedroom furniture?

Yes. Assuming you purchase the same size bed you are currently sleeping on. Our mattresses will fit in all standard-size bedroom furniture.


Q: Can I put a heated mattress pad or electric blanket on PedicSolutions memory foam?

No. Your visco-elastic memory material mattress requires a little different care. Visco-elastic material responds to body and room temperature, weight, shape and humidity, therefore we DO NOT recommend use of an electric blanket or electric pad with this mattress.


Q: What firmness level is this mattress considered?

Medium but supportive.


Q: Do I need an allergy cover around PedicSolutions memory foam?

Not unless you want or require one.